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We sell shipping containers, outboard motors , scrap and used trucks from Japan.

We sell both  new and used 20ft and 40ft shipping containers in Japan. with the rise in   demand for  other types  of shipping  container, sizes and requirements we  have a factory that  with qualified staff that can  modify containers of all sizes, along with creating bespoke container conversions.

From garden offices to bars, retail outlets to catwalks, we have constantly created innovative solutions for our customers beyond the constraints of a standard shipping container. Buy Outboards and Containers Online.

With many years of experience doing international trades in various products , we are committed to delivering top quality products at the best prices.

Our extensive inventory of steel shipping container types includes standard dry vans, double-door, insulated and refrigerated units, open-top, and flat rack containers in 10-foot, 20-foot, 40-foot, and high-cube sizes. Buy Outboards and Containers Online.

Whatever container product you are searching for, we deliver quality .


Our containers provide easy access for every storage and shipping need. Local and family-owned, we are not a broker. we  owns all our equipment and stocks in high-quality, new and used steel shipping containers in our yard, priced right, and ready to ship. Buy Outboards and Containers Online.

In addition to shipping containers and container conversions we have expanded our range of products to include scraps, used and new trucks all available for sale and shipping from Japan. Buy Outboards and Containers Online.

We help buyers find Trucks and Truck Parts quickly and efficiently. We have lead the Japanese market in the truck business for 7 years providing the top brand of trucks ready to be exported out of Japan. We serve trucks and truck parts around the world. Buy Outboards and Containers Online.

Our extensive inventory of steel shipping container types includes standard dry vans, double-door, insulated and refrigerated units, open-top, and flat rack containers in 10-foot, 20-foot, 40-foot, and high-cube sizes.

We  have successful made  the sales of over 5000 trucks some of which include :

Heavy Duty Truck,Tractor Head,Dump Truck,Cargo Truck,Concrete Mixer Truck,LNG Truck,CNG Truck,Used Truck,Light Truck,Light Cargo Truck,Mini Tipper Truck,Special Vehicle,Fuel Tank Truck,Water Tank Truck,Road Wrecker,Garbage Truck,Fecal Suction Truck,Refrigerator Truck,Fire Truck,Terminal Tractor,Towing Tractor.,Concrete Pump Truck and many others.

To place your order get in touch with us to confirm the availability of the truck type.







We Sell Outboard Motors of different brands at the Best Rates


buy outboard motors from Japan
Cheap Honda outboard machines

Japan being surrounded by the pacific ocean, sea of Okhotsk, The sea of Japan and the East china sea, marine activities have been a major activity order the past years.

In 2010, our company got into the boat market selling boat engines and other board parts. In 2013 we have client base asking for outboard motors.

Our company decided to take up the status of a CONGLOMERATE to exploit the boat market with special consideration in selling outboard motors. Today we are proud to present ourselves as a top supplier of outboard motors of different brands ranking from Honda boat engines , Yamaha outboard motors, Mercury outboards, Evinrude Outboards, Seven Marine Outboards,Suzuki Outboard Motors and more. We have satisfied customers  in more than 40 c ountries in the world  with Germany, China, USA,  Canada and Spain being on the top list with a supply rate of 50-100 outboards motors monthly. Buy Outboards and Containers Online.

Most Powerful Outboard Motors

Everybody would like to hear the most powerful outboards in existence. The top 10 outboards are:

  • Seven Marine 627
  • Seven Marine 577
  • Seven Marine 527
  • Mercury Racing 450R
  • Yamaha F425 XTO
  • Mercury Verado 400
  • Suzuki DF350A
  • Yamaha F350C
  • Mercury Verado 350
  • Evinrude G2 300

Top Stock

Buy 20ft Shipping container
Shipping Containers

New and Used

We do sell 20ft & 40ft FCL containers in Tokyo, Japan.  we habe containers in our  depot and we can ship outside Japan or arrange transport to your destination in Japan. When getting your container to your desired destination  always remember to have a crane to unload at your destination which you need to arrange.

We equally have customized packages which  depends on the clients need. Hit us us for your container deals in Japan and get the best .

Outboard Motors

Of different brands

we equally  specialises in the sale of new and used outboard motors , including the top and  most renowned outboard brands like ,Suzuki, Honda,Yamaha,Mecury,Evinrude Outboard Motors  among others.

Our top selling outboard motors in 2021 includes

Torqeedo Deep Blue,Yamaha V-Max SHO 115, Yamaha 425 XTO Offshore, Suzuki DF90A,Yamaha F25,Suzuki DF25A ,Mercury 90-150 FourStroke Lineup, Mercury SeaPro 500HP, Mercury Verado 600HP V12, Mercury Racing 450r, Evoy 150 ,Honda 105 Jet Yamaha F250, Suzuki DF350A, Mercury’s ProXS Series,

Metal Scrap

of Top Quality and Non-Ferrous

The Japan scrap market has grown over the years. We are happy to have beep part of this market as a top Japan Metal scrap supplier. we have made used of many scrap yards in Japan and supplied to many countries in and out of Asia.

We have a branch of our company which focuses on the collecction of scrap metal in Japan. The scrap metal sold in Japan is generated from vehicles  and other activities.  We have in stock Iron scrap, aluminum scrap , copper  and lead scraps.

We are   the top Japan supplier of  quality non-ferrous scrap  shiping world wide.



We ship  used trucks from Japan . Trucks are some of the strongest vehicles in existence because they are built for moving the heaviest things such as livestock, boats, machinery, equipment  among others by road.

So whatever you may think of them, there’s still a certain novelty and objective usefulness in driving trucks. This is t he reason we have gotten into the market to make it availabvle for  you right here in Japan Tokyo.

There are  different types of trucks and  the same way we have different types of types of trailers as well. Trucks are differentiated from their uses.


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New and used Shipping Contianers

shipping containers in Japan

Outboard Motors of Diiferent Brands Available

Evinrude E-TEC G2

Non Ferrous Scrap

Second Hand Trucks in Japan

used trucks for sale in Japan

We are Unique

Our Products are accredited by recognised food  safety assesment bodies .

Our Products

Below are some of our  products for Display purpose.

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      • Qualified, experienced and highly motivated personnel are available.
      • 56000 square meters of storage space
      • Capacity of 4000 TEUs with 5 stacking of containers for efficient operation.
      • 3 Side loaders are able to stack 7-high
      • Cleaning facility with total capacity of 150 units at the same time
      • Over 30 Pre-Trip Inspection (PTI) plugs
      • EDI-connections available in any format required.

      Our warehouse has the capacity to store and operate general purpose containers, refrigerated containers and other special equipment.

      We have a team of qualified inspectors who have access to the condition of the facility and can assess the capabilities. Our cleaning, maintenance and repair activities are subject to proper internal quality and integrity control in accordance with our customers’ requirements.

      We are also actively working with our customers to better manage the control of their equipment through the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) interface and is constantly updated by the processing system in our DCMS depot for comprehensive container depot services such as container management, container status, container storage , MaR and container cleaning, Reefer PIT / Precool etc.


      We are   the top Japan supplier of  quality non-ferrous scrap  shiping world wide.we have rare metals in minor quanities too. With  the great team we have we collect scrp from all over Japan and other countries in Asia and sell them abroad.

      So far we have sold most of our scrap to clients out of Japan compared to our other companies that  have had clients in and out of Japan. we thus have accepted to be the top exported of scrap from Japan .

      Benefits of Recycling

      Additionally the recovery of non-ferrous metals for recycling provides both environmental and economic benefits.

      • Non-Ferrous Metal Recycling frees space.
      • Non-Ferrous Metal Recycling creates a safer work environment.
      • Non-Ferrous Metal Recycling results in less pollution, greater energy savings, and is overall more environmentally friendly.
      • Non-Ferrous Metal Recycling creates additional employment opportunities.
      • Non-Ferrous Metal Recycling provides additional materials for reuse in manufacturing.
      • Non-Ferrous Metal Recycling is a source of revenue.
      • Non-Ferrous Metal Recycling encourages the development of additional market in Japan.

      Used Trucks 

      There are various types of Trucks we offer. some of which include :        Car transporter/car carrier trailer ,cement truck, Crane trucks/mobile cranes, Dump truck, Extra duty truck, Flatbed truck, Garbage truck, Heavy truck, Jumbo trailer truck, Livestock trucks, Lowboy trailer, Panel truck, Refrigerated trailers, Semi-trailer truck, Straight truck, Tanker truck, Tow truck, Truck trailer, wheeler truck and more .


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