40ft Shipping Container in Japan For Sale

10ft Shipping Container

Are you looking for shipping containers in Japan? Alconet is specialized in selling and buying all types of shipping containers worldwide. Thanks to our strong partnerships with international suppliers and transporters we can provide high quality shipping containers in Japan, in a matter of days. We only deliver our containers to companies and not to private individuals.


Alconet Containers is located near the port of Rotterdam, the largest port in Europe. Beside shipping containers we buy and sell also special types of containers. From reefer containers to flat rack containers, open top containers and tank containers.

These containers are used when a specific type of cargo has to be stored or shipped, like big machinery, foods or liquids and chemicals. Especially reefer containers are used a lot in international transportation, for the shipping of medicine and (fresh) foods.

The most popular shipping containers are the 20FT, 40FT and 40FT High Cube (HC) variants. The 10FT container is unsuitable for transport and therefore is less common. For shipping containers in Japan we would advise to invest in 40FT or 40FT HC containers because of the great capacities. Read more about the weight and sizes on this page.

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