Boatworld Dual Feed Outboard Motor Flusher

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The Boatworld Dual Feed Outboard Motor Flusher is an engine attachment for flushing outboards and stern drives with clean, freshwater. You have rectangular water intakes on your outboard engine so why use circular flush muffs? These flush muffs with rectangular ears and dual fed ensure a great fit and prevent any damage to your engine from overheating. Also ideal with Blu Thru flush kit. Being dual feed, rather than the more common single-feed flush muffs on the market, means you’re getting water where you need it!! Buy Boatworld Dual Feed Outboard Motor Flusher Online.


  • Simply attaches around the water intakes on the engine like a pair of earmuffs!
  • Dual Feed means safer for your engine getting water to where you need it
  • Uses 7mm sprung steel so it stays where you put it.
  • A must after a run out in the sea!
  • Supplied with a threaded detachable male connector to a normal garden hosepipe.
  • Rectangular rubber ears 12cm x 7cm
  • Universal fit for most outboards and stern drive legs!
  • Works with our Orca Outboards 6hp – 15hp
  • Suitable for other brand outboards from 8HP – 200HP
  • Ideal for use with Blu Thru flush kits



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