Orca 1.3hp 4-Stroke Outboard Engine

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This neat 4 stroke air cooled outboard motor is lightweight and clean. It can run for more than an hour on a single tank of fuel! Simply spins around for reverse. Fully adjustable tiller arm.

Comes complete with gearbox oil and a bottle of engine oil.

Boatworld bench test and PDI each engine with our own UK qualified engineer before we ship it to you, to ensure it works out of the box! All you need to do is add the oil from the bottle into the engine, fill the tank with fuel and you are off.


  • 1 cylinder 4 stroke engine
  • 1.3HP (1.0 kw @6500rpm)
  • 37.68cc
  • Weighs only 9.8kg GW (8.1kg NW)
  • Manual start
  • Control arm fully adjustable in length and angle, complete with kill cord (dead man) and throttle control
  • Content of oil pan 45ml
  • 0.7 ltr fuel tank
  • motor size 25cm x 26cm x106cm
  • Runs in neutral and forward ( for reverse simply turn the engine around )
  • Max running speed 5-7 knots
  • Air-cooled
  • Adjustable leg clamps mean you can alter the mounting from effectively “long shaft” to “short shaft” on the transom
  • Comes with tool kit
  • Come with gearbox and engine oil
  • 1 year warranty

We recommend these engines for freshwater use as they are not marinised. If you are using these engines in saltwater you have to rinse them down with fresh water after use before storing in a bag or locker. Note saltwater will corrode some components on this engine over time so regular maintenance using oil and grease to prevent this is essential. A spray over with Blu Thru Tackle Spray from time to time helps!

Please note: Outboard dispatch time may vary from 2-7 days due to PDI inspections. Contact us for further information.


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