Orca 12hp Standard Shaft 4-Stroke Outboard Engine

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We are in the business of selling you quality portable boats with engines to match. So like the Orca 8hp, we have taken an existing design and improved the performance to give you the Orca 12hp, another genuinely portable yet most powerful 4-stroke engine in its class. Buy Orca 12hp Standard Shaft 4-Stroke Outboard Engine Online.

Like the Orca 8hp, it’s undergone tweaks to its carburettor to produce that extra punch. Add the winning combination of easy handling and great control, look no further than the Orca 12hp outboard. The 212cc 12hp portable is an impressive mid-range outboard. Orca’s mid-powered portable 12 will provide you with lightweight efficient power which you can take anywhere at only 40kg in weight. Remember, next up after a 10hp outboard from most manufacturers is a 15hp at over 52-54kg!

The Orca 12hp features an easy well-balanced carry handle, and resting pads for side storage (being a 4-stroke you can only lay the engine down on one side.) With forward-mounted controls (F-N-R) and a kill switch, makes operation easy. The Orca 12hp weighs 40kg meaning it is still easily portable for SIB users. Buy Orca 12hp Standard Shaft 4-Stroke Outboard Engine Online.

Engine supplied with full PDI and comes with free oil

Key Features

  • Twin-cylinder
  • 212cc
  • 12hp@5500rpm
  • manual start
  • CDI Ignition
  • Low oil pressure warning light
  • Start in gear protection
  • 17″ Standard Shaft (434mm)
  • 40kg
  • Separate 3 Gallon fuel tank and quick connect lead included


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