Orca 86lbs (24v) Electric Outboard Engine

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Perfect for trolling freshwater quietly and smoothly the Orca Electric Outboard is a legendary performer that is built to explore and also built to last and backed up with a two-year warranty. With our electric engines, you’ll have the freedom to be able to discover more lakes and stretches of inland water than using regular combustion engines, silently and cleanly. Perfect for fishing.

Our Orca Electric Outboard 86 lbs is a perfect electric motor for our range of small SIBS. Perfect for driving our 230, 250 and 280 inflatable boats. The 86lbs electric motor is equipped with a flexible telescopic tiller with 5 forward and 3 reverse gears. There is an illuminated battery charge display panel mounted on the top of the engine displaying the state of battery power. 

The depth of the leg and resistance of the steering is adjustable. Flat out this can push an inflatable dinghy up to 6-7 knots. Typically using a pair of fully charged 40 amp battery, you would expect this to last 3 hrs at forward speed setting 2 and around 1.5 hrs at full speed. Buy Orca 86lbs (24v) Electric Outboard Engine Online.

Note this Orca Electric 86lbs outboard is 24v and needs to be wired up to 2 x 12v batteries in sequence. It comes with a power lead to connect between the positive and negative terminals of your batteries and a pair of universal clips on the main power lead.

  • Net weight 11kg
  • Motor Type: Brush Motor
  • Voltage: 24V
  • Thrust: 86lb
  • Rated Speed 1950 Rev/min
  • Battery charge display panel
  • Adjustable Telescopic Tiller Arm 200 -330mm
  • 50db Noise Level
  • 3 Blade Propeller
  • Recommended battery size would be 2 x 12V 55-60 AH Min

Engine battery lead is approx 120 cm long with universal clips fitted for attaching to battery terminals plus c/w 1 x  extra short lead to run between the two batteries positive to negative.


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