Orca 8hp 4 Stroke Outboard Motor Engine

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These 8hp 4 Stroke outboard engines from Orca are a standout game changer model in the range. This is a single-cylinder delivering more power for its weight than most of its rivals. The well-known brands in the industry are using a twin-cylinder design at 8hp, but that means more weight and more costly to manufacture and run. With their smart, stylish looks, these Orca 8hp engines are light and easy to handle, weighing the same as our Orca 6hp. The Orca 8hp outboard motor is convenient to store and use, offering the power you need to hit the water with confidence.

This Orca 8hp engine has a compact size, large carrying handles and a built-in fuel tank of 1.4ltr capacity, enhancing its portability. It will switch between the built-in fuel tank and a separate fuel tank (not included) at the flick of a switch. Engine design gives you low fuel consumption, simple controls and low noise and vibration levels, along with Orca Outboards reliability promise. This is a 17.5″ (445mm), short shaft model.

For families wanting to get on the water easily and cheaply. Perfect for SIB’s, Dinghys, Tenders or anything else that needs a small outboard engine.

  • 1 Cylinder
  • 165cc
  • 8hp @ 5000 rpm
  • Carburettor
  • Manual Start
  • 26kg
  • CDI Ignition
  • 17.5″ (445mm) Short Shaft
  • 3 Year Warranty


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