Temo Electric Outboard

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The first light and portable engine.

Eco-friendly, universal and light, the TEMO propulsion solution takes care of both boaters and the environment.

Designed to adapt to all boat types and uses, TEMO allows you to make your dinghy trips and your harbour and mooring manoeuvres without stressing your body or your mind. Buy Temo Electric Outboard online.


Weighing less than 5kg and with a unique design combining motor, battery and control unit, TEMO is practical and ultra-compact.

On a bike or a boat, you can take it everywhere in its protective carrying case without ever taking up too much space. MAGIC!


Squeeze the trigger and go! Extremely simple, TEMO has been designed by the best experts to adapt to all uses and all hands. Its telescopic size (from 130 to 170 cm) allows everyone to use TEMO comfortably. Its AMBIDEXTROUS AND MULTI POSITION HANDLE ensures your well-being and control in all circumstances and in all weathers. Buy Temo Electric Outboard online.

With its simple design that hides expert technology, TEMO provides an essential answer and allows you to carry out all your manoeuvres with tremendous ease.


With its 450W motor, TEMO offers a PROPULSIVE POWER OF 200W thanks to efficiency optimized with the help of the best technical experts.

It gives the thrust equivalent of three well-trained rowers, more than enough for all your daily dinghy transfers.


No more complicated fixings or installation. Hand-tight fixing or slipped into a rowlock socket, TEMO ALLOWS YOU TO NAVIGATE ANY BOAT (tenders, fishing boats, sailing dinghies etc.) and in all waters (even in the shallowest of depths). Don’t be fooled by its small size, TEMO is extremely robust and allows you to propel sailing boats up to 500 kg for port manoeuvring or to power a 3m long tender with three people on board. Buy Temo Electric Outboard online.


Practical and ELECTRIC. With TEMO, there’s no need to remove the battery to recharge it. Plug it directly into a 220V or 12V socket,  and then enjoy 80 minutes of range at cruising speed. Enough to ensure all your daily transfers and reach the shore or your boat with peace of mind.


In addition to being an environmentally friendly solution, TEMO is made in France, between Brittany and the PAYS DE LA LOIRE. Supported by the know-how of the best local partners and industrialists, TEMO is developing an Eco responsible and quality commitment.


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