Thrustme Kicker Electric Outboard

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Being lightweight, compact and easily mounted makes the Kicker ideal as a small tender outboard. Weighing on 4.4kg this makes this engine extremely portable and easy to carry. This Norwegian designer definitely had ergonomics at the front of their minds when designing this outboard, its sleek design with integral 259wh lithium battery, wireless remote and lanyard and top quality carry case makes this one of the best looking electric outboards on the market. Buy Thrustme Kicker Electric Outboard online.

A run time of up to 2.5hrs and a charge time of 4 hours enables a lot of flexibility. You can also have an external battery pack if required for these longer journeys. Need to charge faster? Then you can buy a Fast charger which will charge your in 1 hour or if you want to be able to charge your engine using 12v there is also an option of that as well. Buy Thrustme Kicker Electric Outboard online.

  • 4.4kg (including Battery)
  • Wireless Remote & Lanyard
  • Magnetic Kill Switch
  • LED Display showing the battery status and speed level
  • 6 Forward & Reverse Speeds
  • Runs up to 2.5hrs (speed setting dependent see images)
  • 4 Hour Charge Time
  • Supplied in padded carry/storage case


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