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Shipping containers for homes are becoming popular today and in high demand given the durability of shipping containers. The 20ft and 40ft containers are the best container that suit this purpose .A shipping container home is a structure made from a shipping container and modified to look like real houses. They have been the preferable type of homes by many especially in the UK .

When considering a shipping container for homes, you have two options ; You can buy the shipping container and get them installed by an expert or order prefabricated shipping container house to be shipped to your destination. The prices ranges from $10.000-$30,000. Alternatively, you can consider contacting the company selling the shipping container to help you design a container house of your choice. Typical construction can take from 2 days to up to a month depending on the design you want.

Because of the simple foundations used by container homes, these structures can go where some houses can not. Shipping container homes do not use a traditional approach in the construction process.

Why A Shipping Container Home?

We are in a generation where there is a great innovation in housing technology. Many well trained architects exist that can get the best design for your homes . The shipping container homes are still getting the attention needed. Let us check why some people will prefer shipping container Homes (Advantages of a shipping container House).

Shipping Homes are Quick to construct.

You can order can already constructed house or order the desired container and pay an expert to construct your shipping container house. Depending on the model, most shipping container homes can be constructed in less than a month. Always try to make sure you have a professional to build your shipping container home or seek the guidance of one so as to have the best from your container house.

Container Houses are Cheaper than Traditional Houses.

You can buy a shipping container house for as low as $10,000 making them more cost effective. In addition to this, fewer building materials are need to construct a shipping container house, making them cheaper to construct.

Another strong factor about container houses is that they can be sold as used shipping container houses if need be. Due to work many of us will find ourselves moving from one city to another or even one country to another. With this , you can put up your shipping container house for sale. you can always check for used shipping container near you. you can get good container home plans from us if you decide to pay your home in installments. You can get very cheap container homes to the luxury container homes for sale on this website.

Shipping Container Homes are Durable

It has been shown that shipping container are better bullet proofs. shipping container are made up of a special type of steel called the corten steel. This gives them the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions than the common types of houses.

in addition to the three main advantages of shipping container homes mention above, we can add that shipping container houses are Mobile. This is because they can easily be carried about from one place to another. You can equally combine multiple containers including a mixture of 20 ft and 40 ft containers to produce a compound with a swimming pool, room , sitting room , kitchen and toilets. shipping houses with with first and second floor can even be constructed using shipping containers.

luxury shipping Container in Sweden build with 4 shipping containers

Which Containers Are Preferable For Shipping Container Homes?

There are many types of shipping containers . However, when getting a shipping container for homes, it is important to know if the design is 20ft or 40 ft to get started. Its has been proven that the following shipping contaioner types below are suityable for making shipping container homes.

1. The open side shipping container which has doors along the longer side of the container. 2. The open top container that has no roof. 3. the standard container with 4 walls , door , roof and top. 4. 4. Lastly, is the tunnel container which has doors on two sides.

I will prefer the standard container over the other types of containers when constructing a shipping container home. The use of shipping container homes have even been extended to making shipping container swimming pools by making use of the half height shipping container whose primary use is to carry heavy and dense cargo like gravel.

In addition to the types listed above, the vented shipping container types, the flat rack shipping container, the refrigerated container, the thermal shipping container and the domestic shipping container has been proven to be a good fit when creating shipping container homes.

Cheap Container Homes

We hope this post have given you a clue about housing containers. we will appreciate any feedback in the comment section, if you are looking for a shipping container or shipping container, kindly contact us via our email or whatsApp in the contact page for quotations. f you have an estimated budget , please always mention them so that we can propose the best shipping container or home for you. work with professionals in constructing shipping container homes who are based in over 10 countries naming it easy to get a container home from us if that is your desire.

Getting started with a shipping container house can be very easy. all you got to do is ; set a budget, get a design, buy your container and set up your new home.any homes, restaurants and shops have been made from shipping container and have been proven to be the best choice. you can get started with your own today.

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